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April 2013

posted Mar 28, 2013, 7:06 PM by Western Wis Christian Writers Guild   [ updated Aug 7, 2013, 11:18 AM ]
Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Our April inspiration comes from LouAnn Binsfeld. LouAnn says:

Life is Crazy Nuts at Times

Yesterday, on my way home from work and before going to WWCWG I decided to stop and see a friend I hadn’t visited since fall. Good idea, but...Sue was not home. No one was home, so I left only to find that even though their driveway was plowed and in great shape my van was unable to pull the hill. I then slid into the bank of snow. I dug myself out and eased very slowly, slipping and sliding, back down the driveway to their home. Shortly, Sue’s son and husband arrived, but even with Alan at the wheel, my van never made it out. They sent me home with their 4 wheel drive pick-up. At home I grabbed a dry pair of socks and shoes to be changed once I was with my carpool friends. Jeanie drove. We laughed and chatted, told stories and even had a chance to drag race at the stop light in Menomonie.

All this to write that life is crazy nuts at times and, with the help of good friends, God gets us through. Thank you, God and all the many dear friends that He has brought into my life!

Action Prompt: How about taking a moment to put the brakes on to remember when God used friends to meet a need, maybe even send them a note of appreciation. 

Thanks LouAnn. I think many of  us can relate to the crazy nuts life!

THIS MONTH: We have Nathan Anderson with us speaking on keeping children engaged in our stories. Nathan knows how to do just that, so come and learn his secret. Even those of us who don't write for children will surely find something to apply to our writing. And we will have a boot camp from Cheryl Frisch on writing with humor too.

CONTEST: Contest entries are all turned in and we're in the process of judging. Winners will be announced in May.

SEASON NEARING AND END: Our WWCWG season is nearing and end already. We have just April and May left before our summer break. This means we will be asking you soon for some feedback about how our guild season went. Be thinking of some things you'd like to see added, kept the same, or changed in our meeting format and be sure to share your ideas on our coming survey from the leadership team.

WRITING OPPORTUNITIES AND CONFERENCES: Know of a great opportunity for submitting stories? Or know about a conference our members would appreciate? Send Michelle an e-mail and she will pass the info along to the paid members of the guild.

Michelle Rayburn
Guild President