SCHEDULE FOR 2017-2018
 We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

Season Kickoff

Julie Court

OCTOBER 10, 2017

Mind Your Cs and Qs: Queries & Cover letters; Contests, Critiques & Clips

What’s the purpose of the Cs & Qs? Do we have to do all of them or can we skip some? What do we want to do with our writing? A published book? An article? Maybe a journal or scrapbook to leave as a legacy? A poem that touches the heart and encourages a reader? 

Join us for a round table discussion of what is necessary, what helps, and what doesn’t. Brainstorm on how to get started. Examine the gems in the Writers Market and find out what other writers are doing. Discuss contest and market ideas – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Share your experiences and get feedback from fellow writers.

NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Legacy/Memoir Workshop – Led by Renee Liming, owner of Lessons for Tomorrow:

Roll up your sleeves for an evening of brainstorming and writing. Write a short story to include in your written legacy or start that Christmas letter. Dig up some memories to preserve for family and friends. Work on a poem or story to share in December. With guidance from Renee and suggestions from members, fine tune those words and cultivate your craft.

Learn to draw on your experiences and lessons, face your failures and triumphs, and explore the treasures and troubles of your life to encourage others in their journeys. Listen to the stories of others and share your own. Join members and friends for this fun-filled time of putting words and messages on paper.

DECEMBER 12, 2017

Celebration of the Birth of Christ

Ever wonder how to keep the true meaning of Christmas in the holiday season? Join the Christian writers in the Chippewa Valley as they share the truth of God sending His Son. Discuss ways to incorporate a meaningful message in Christmas writings and conversations. 

This fun-filled evening offers fellowship, food, and our traditional book exchange and readings. Make a memory with us at this creative, Christ-centered celebration.

 JANUARY 9, 2018

Nathan Aaseng

FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Nuts & Bolts of Writing

Christian writers will address questions every writer faces: Why do I write? Must I outline, and when am I finished? How much do I edit and rewrite, and how do I turn telling into showing? The floor will be open for discussion and ideas for tightening up that flabby writing, both fiction and nonfiction.

Bring your questions and your writing, as we focus on making your words ring. Practice showing, as we develop descriptions that set the mood and draw the reader into the scene. Share your ideas of creating a character that no one will forget. 

MARCH 13, 2018

Don’t Want to Write a Book? No Problem 

What if a book is not your goal? What’s a writer to do? Join us as we discuss and share the multitude of other ways we can use our skills and talents. Learn about magazine markets, their needs, and your abilities. Discover the opportunities in the community and church.

Then, with suggestions and advice of fellow writers, get ready to work. Come prepared with your own project or be ready to experiment. Try your hand at a poem or short “ditty” as filler for a magazine. Treat your author friend with a book review or write the back cover for a book. Experience the joy of writing a short and delightful piece for your church newsletter or pen a blog post. Be challenged, be encouraged, and be supported.

APRIL 10, 2018

Words about the Word

Whether for a small group or for publication, Bible studies are used and needed. What’s important and how to present it are questions to be addressed. How do you choose your audience? Are we able to span the whole spectrum of denominations or must we focus on one? How does one tell a Bible story in the most meaningful, understandable way.

What are the benefits of a Bible blog? How does one write a devotional? Where does the inspiration come from? All these and more about any Bible writing will be free for discussion. Join us as we exchange ways to help people see the life and truth of the Bible. Then we’ll take up those pens and write something relating to the Bible.

 MAY 8, 2018

Member Showcase 

In our Third Annual Writers’ Recital, members will once again be the entertainment for the night. Invite your family and friends for an evening of creative readings and yummy refreshments. Members will also be given the opportunity to describe and show their work. Guests may browse through the books during this fun time of encouragement.  

Please note: While we make every effort to adhere to this schedule, there are times when TOPICS or SPEAKERS MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. And, since we meet in Wisconsin, there are times when weather causes us to cancel altogether. If we must cancel, we'll notify WWIB and WHEM radio in the Chippewa Valley by noon on meeting day. Thanks for your understanding!